Increase the value of your home


Here at Wye Oak we take pride in any structure we make, large or small.  We know that improving your home is not just a monetary investment, but an emotional one too. All our frames are bespoke to our clients needs. We work with you to design and build exactly what you desire. Garages can be designed, supplied and erected by our team or simply supplied in kit form for assembly by you.  

We offer you your standard 2 or 3 bay garage design as well as double storey and L-shaped designs.  We can also manufacture just garage fronts for existing structures.

Despite the credit crunch, and the most pessimistic commentators, the average house is still valued at well in excess of £150,000, meaning that adding a double garage will add nearly £22000 to the value of your property, and a single garage nearly £11000, a good investment in anyone’s money!

Don’t underestimate the fact that, in these days of slow house sales, a new garage will make your property stand out.  Check out some examples of garages we have made for other people, and contact us to discuss your requirements.